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Chautauqua Atlantic is a program of Chautauqua Education and Event Promotions (CEEP), which highlights intergenerational engagement in selected arts, games, and sporting events in order to promote active living throughout life.  Importantly, we strive to increase awareness of the positive impact that the arts (literary, performing, and visual), games, and sporting events have for health, community development, and cultural and heritage preservation. We promote progressive programs that happen locally in Canada’s east coast maritime provinces, at Chautauquas throughout North America, and that happen globally.

Chautauqua Education and Event Promotions is expanding to better meet its mission.  In the spirit of collaboration, we will offer programs that exist year-round.  Our website continues in its development to accommodate these new and exciting programs; in the meantime, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages where we are promoting chosen organizations and programs that highly value intergenerational engagement.  Stay tuned for our updates!

Chautauqua@bellaliant.net | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chautauquaatlantic.ca/ | Twitter: @chautauquaatl