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Thank you for visiting Chautauqua Atlantic. In honour of the lives lost during and after the Halifax Harbour Explosion on December 6, 1917, considerable and passionate efforts by community members and organizations have gone into planning and preparation for the 100 Year Halifax Explosion Commemoration. Chautauqua Atlantic is deeply moved, not only by the outpouring of support that came from all over the world at the time of this event, but the show of resilience that continues to exist today. To that end, we are dedicating support through our “Resilience in Motion” series, highlighting the community members and organizations that are participating in this moving, historical commemoration. This series will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts from September 06 through December 06, 2017, where we invite you to share their “Resilience in Motion” with the greater community.


Twitter: @chautauquaatl

Meanwhile, please note that Chautauqua Atlantic website is undergoing major revamping to align with our plans for 2018/2019 and will reopen in mid-December 2017.  Again, thank you for visiting; we look forward to seeing you on FB & Twitter!

To learn more about the Halifax Harbour Explosion: